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Save Your Bills With Solar Heating For Swimming Pools!

Custom Pool Pros Located in Morganville, NJ; explains how heating your pool with a solar heating system can dramatically reduce your heating cost and get you many extra months out of your pool.

Renewable energy has long been known to be a more efficient way of generating electricity than traditional methods such as fossil fuels. With the advancement of technology, more efficient and practical means have been discovered to store energy for later use. Solar energy, derived from the Earth’s own sun, has many advantages over traditional fuels and the power to change our lives. The main benefit of solar energy is that it provides a large amount of energy at no cost if properly utilized by modern technology.

Solar energy is a wonderful gift of nature and has the potential to be the sole energy source for the entire world if proper investment is given to its research and development. This concept of solar energy has also been applied to swimming pools in order to heat or cool the water inside swimming pools. Many New Jersey pool builders offer to provide the solar heating facility for your pools. Swimming pool builders can offer solar heating for pools provided that there is reasonable access to your roof area. Pool builders suggest that the absorber area should be around 75%-100% of the pool surface area.

How Does Solar Heating Work For Pools?

Solar heating works through the use of solar collectors that are installed onto the roof of your house. These collectors connect through pipes to your pool’s pump system. This pump drives water from the pool, using a filter to eliminate debris, and then up using solar collectors. These collectors are the core of the system as they are responsible for heating the water. Pool builders place the collectors at those locations which can receive maximum sunlight.

When there is no sun or when the water present in the solar collectors is cooler or has almost the same temperature as the pool water, a control valve sends the water back into the pool instead of driving it up through the collector. It is not just in winter or during the cold months that this technology can be used. During the hottest months, the solar heater can be used to cool water in swimming pools. Cooling is done by running the water through the collector, at night, and then transferring the cooled water to the pool.

Many people ask our trained professionals to get the solar heating system for their pools so that they can extend their swimming season by weeks or even months. The solar heating system is preferred over regular pool heaters as the other sources of heating may use tons of energy, and you may end up struggling to pay your utility bills just to heat or cool your pool.

Many swimming pools use a solar heater in combination with a conventional pool heater. However, the occurrence of many cool and rainy days may not allow the water in your pools to heat up. In this situation, our certified trained professionals suggest that there should always be a standby energy source such as a natural-gas system that can serve the purpose in conditions when solar heating may not be ideal.

Solar heating may not be suitable to everyone. One must always weigh the benefits against the cost of installing a system and also evaluate the costs of other heating and cooling options. Hiring a trusted contractor who has years of experience in building custom swimming pools can aid you in finding out the system that will work best for your home or property.