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Gunite Pools NJ: Cool Summer Fun, but What is it?

If you want to have the gunite pool of your dreams and you are looking for professionals who will transform your dream into a reality then you should check Custom Pool Pros. Now you can have the dream without the nightmare. Gunite pools offer a great deal more options in style and design and a lot more longevity of the life of your pools as well. That means a lot more summers with the family, entertaining the friends and memories to be made in your outdoor space.

Gunite Pools NJ: What is a gunite pool, and what is so special about it?

Gunite is just a better investment overall. Gunite pools are made from a mixture of sand and cement sprayed to a sturdy and reinforced surface. This is the bases for your new gunite in-ground pool. It can be custom made to suite your style, tastes and design theme. The concrete or cement makes the gunite pool much sturdier than pools of days gone by. Gunite pools are beautiful additions to any home, yard or family.

Gunite Pools NJ: The Process Simplified

A Custom Pool Pro specialist will come out and help you decide upon the style and your needs where your new gunite pool is concerned. All you will need to do is make sure the appropriate permits are in place before building begins. From there your yard will undergo a plumbing and excavation process. The hole dug will closely resemble the shape of what your gunite pool will take. Steel reinforcements and rebar will then be put into place throughout the hole creating the skeleton of the pool so to speak. This is where the gunite instillation will begin. It will be incorporated into the framing with a pressurized high tech pumping system. The materials actually build upon itself because of the method and the materials used. Once dry it is smoothed using special hand tools and cut where needed. This will create the final shape of your new gunite pool. The only thing left to do is lay your ceramic tiles, do the coping, add a deck and lay the plaster finishing. You will be ready to fill and treat your new gunite pool.

The friendly professionals here at Custom Pool Pros can help you find the perfect design or create your own. We also can easily build any kind of gunite pool custom made to suit your needs, style or decor. When you go with the concrete gunite pool over the fiberglass option it will be an investment worth making.

About NJ Custom Pool Pros and Their Service Area
With Custom Pool Pros servicing New Jersey and the surrounding areas, having a home that will be the talk of the neighborhood is easy to do. When you add an in-ground gunite pool into your backyard space it is easy to become a hit with the kids too. Family get togethers and entertaining will also be a whole lot more fun in a gunite pool.

Custom Pool Pros use only the best, high quality materials to build their pools. Gunite pools are trending in 2013, and they are sturdy built to last in-ground pool options. This is a company that can get your gunite pool installed using only the latest and most cost effective technologies. Even the sand and the cement used to make the gunite is of the best quality. Custom Pool Pros is 2012NESPA Design award recipient. The business is locally owned and operated as well as fully licensed and insured.

Custom Pool Pros will work hard to give you fast, effective and professional services. Customer safety and satisfaction is always the top concern. With the addition of Gunite into the pool world incorporating an amazing pool at an affordable price has never been easier. Repair services are also available from these top notch professionals. The goal of the Custom Pool Pros is to build you an outdoor retreat that goes above and beyond your expectations. The options are plentiful from pool building, new innovations, custom pools or gunite pools with fantastic lighting and/or solar heating just to name some. Call to find out how to get your gunite pool installed today.