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Luxury Pools Become the Standard!

In the late 20’s and after the Pickfair Pool was built, the infamous newspaper mogul William Randolph Hearst set out to create a custom pool as well. Always wanting to go bigger and better then everyone else, in everything he did, Hearst had a mission to build the most extravagant private custom pool ever built and ended up constructing both an inside and an outside pool on his estate.

The outside pool Hearst called “The Neptune Pool” and had an actual ancient Roman Temple shipped from Italy to add as an ornament along with Greek and Roman statues of gods, goddesses and griffins! The outdoor custom pool was shaped in the form of a “T” it was over 100 feet long and 95 feet wide at the top of the T. The incredible indoor pool was designed in an almost over the top Roman-Greco design, with marble columns and ornate blue tiles, real gold trim and again, Greek and Roman statues. Aside from the enormous size and exquisite priceless décor, both pools were fully heated, an incredible task even by today’s standards.

Talk about going big in everything you do! Both extravagant pools are still enjoyed today by visitors to the Hearst Castle in San Simeon, California and their design continues to influence many custom pools built currently. Hearst loved his custom pools so much that he had 3 more built at his mansion in Beverley Hills, this estate is reported to be the highest valued private home in the USA with estimates of 160+million dollars or more. Everyone knows having a pool in your home increases its value, just imagine 3! We here at Custom Pool Pros in New Jersey can help you design and build your own custom Hearst “Neptune,” just give us a call and let’s start creating!