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Professional Custom Pool Building Today and in Ancient History

Custom Pool Pros in New Jersey has been building beautiful custom pools for many many years. But where did the idea of swimming pools come from originally? What is the history of this wonderful source of enjoyment that enriches so many of our lives? Just how far back do swimming pools go in civilization?

Pools have been around for ages and up until about 90 years ago the true extent of just how old the earliest manmade pools was essentially unknown. However, the oldest civilization that a pool has been discovered thus far dates back to at least 300-400 BC!

In 1922 an Indian archaeologist discovered ruins of an ancient city called Mohenjo-daro in what is now Pakistan. As one can well imagine because of the intense heat in this area a nice big cool swimming pool would have been something the entire area would have enjoyed.

This is something all of us here in New Jersey can relate with when our summers get so brutally hot and humid! What is more interesting about this ancient pool is that it was nearly 40 feet in length, quite a project for ancient pool builders with simple tools indeed, it’s not like they had a back hoe to help them get the dirt out!

An interesting fact about this pool was that it was built with bricks and tar to seal them from leaking and that it was built so well that it is still relatively well preserved today.