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Brick Pavers | Patios

Brick Pavers | Patios

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Brick Pavers | Patios

Landscaping services include far more than just taking care of plants and grass. At Custom Pool Pros, we handle all your landscaping needs including installation of brick pavers and patios. Whether you need us to create a patio around your new swimming pool or simply replace an old patio, we can handle it.

The right patio makes your pool so much more enjoyable. Our team of experts gives you the complete effect with by adding the perfect patio to go with your new custom designed pool.

Patio Landscaping in NJ

The right patio compliments any backyard swimming pool perfectly. Turning this area of your New Jersey home into an oasis for relaxation and family fun doesn’t have to be boring. With patio pavers, you will get the custom patio you desire.

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Patio Pavers in NJ

If you’re looking for something creative to make your backyard space beautiful, brick pavers may be just what you need. You don’t have to settle for the boring concrete patios. Instead, let our team of professionals design and create your new patio using the best brick pavers in NJ.

Pavers are clay or masonry blocks and come in many different colors and shapes. They are very different from a traditional cement patio and can be used to create a well-finished look with plenty of elegance. With your new patio created from pavers, you’ll have a unique look perfect for your backyard oasis.

Maybe you’re worried about the paver installation in NJ and the durability. Patio pavers not only provide a spa-like look, but they also provide plenty of durability. They will hold up to the temperature changes, heavy traffic in your backyard and water. The “floating” design makes pavers very flexible and allows for adaptations to environmental changes. All our patio pavers will be sealed with waterproofing to ensure they last for a very long time and provide a vibrant look for many years.

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With anything new, you may have concerns about the upkeep and maintenance. When you invest in beautiful patio pavers for your backyard, you’re adding natural strength. You have the option of adding a topcoat for added protection, but it’s not required with pavers. Since pavers tent to be most beautiful in their natural form, you may not want a topcoat added. Regardless, the pavers are very low maintenance and won’t require much ongoing upkeep.

Patio pavers are also very safe around swimming pools. They provide a surface that won’t get slippery when it’s wet, which means less chance of a slip-and-fall accident around your pool.

If you’re ready to create beauty in your backyard with patio pavers, contact the professionals at Custom Pool Pros for a free consultation.

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