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Concrete Pools

Concrete Pools

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Concrete Pools

Custom Pool Pros NJ provides the perfect design for your new concrete pool, no matter how big or how small you would like it to be. We take your backyard from boring and turn it into a vacation spot you can enjoy every summer. As one of the premier pool builders in NJ, you’re in good hands when you choose Custom Pool Pros NJ for your concrete pool.

Our award-winning design team can build any type of concrete pool you would like. We can create your pool to fit any size or shape requirement you desire. With us, your choices are endless and your satisfaction is guaranteed!

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Designing Custom Concrete Pools in NJ

With so many options, you can finally create your dream pool. Choose from freeform designs, traditional or geometric swimming pools or even natural pools using the landscape or created landscape in your backyard. No matter the type of concrete pool you want us to customize, we will bring your dream swimming pool to life.

Throughout the entire designing process, we work directly with you. This helps to ensure your ideas are heard and implemented into your new, custom concrete pool. It all starts with a free consultation to help us understand your ideas and your budget for the projects. After you make the commitment to Custom Pool Pros NJ, our design team goes to work.You’ll get to view 3D renderings throughout the process to ensure we are including every detail you desire. Add features, such as slides, waterfalls, lighting or anything else you want. Your personal style is very important to us and we want to make sure you get the pool you’ve been dreaming of.

Serving all of Central, Northern, NJ & The Jersey Shore. Call Now to Schedule Your Free Consultation.

What can we do for you?

When you choose Custom Pool Pros NJ, you get a dedicated team ready to build the perfect concrete pool for your backyard. We also provide repair solutions for any type of pool or any situation, even if your current pool has come out of the ground or shifted.

Maybe you’re ready to upgrade from an existing vinyl-lined pool to a concrete pool. Our team will help design and renovate your current pool to make it fir your new desires. Of course, if you have any specific features or add-ons you prefer, we take care of it. From swim-outs to spas, we provide any custom features you could possibly want.

It all starts with a free consultation. One of our specialists will come to your location and assess the area where the pool will be going. Then, we will provide a custom design using your ideas and make your dream pool come to life.

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