When you need retaining walls, freestanding walls or garden walls that enhance the look of your yard, Custom Pool Pros NJ can help. We offer wall installation in NJ for homeowners who want walls that help make their property look impressive. Our team of hardscaping professionals have several years of experience designing and installing outdoor walls for a variety of purposes.

Garden walls can draw attention to raised flowerbeds. When you’ve worked hard to come up with a garden design that features a certain plant theme, seasonal theme or color scheme, having a stylish wall surrounding it adds even more visual appeal.

You can choose garden walls made from stone for a more natural or rustic look, or you can opt for brick to give your garden a more smooth and elegant look. The type of material you choose for your garden walls depends on the exterior material of your home. Otherwise, you can end up with garden walls that clash with your home’s exterior, creating an eyesore. After choosing a material for your garden wall, you can then select colors that match or complement the tones of your home’s exterior for a stunning design.

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Freestanding walls are mainly used for decoration rather than serving a functional purpose. These walls can surround part of your patio or be built along hardscaping steps in your yard. From smooth brick walls to ones made of rough stone, there are a number of options for you to choose from for your freestanding walls. When you have these walls built, you’ll be adding visual interest to your yard, which can help raise its value.

Retaining walls serve a functional purpose, which is holding back higher elevations of land, but that doesn’t mean they have to be plain. These walls come in all styles and designs, so you can have retaining walls that look perfect with the rest of your property. When your property has a sloped terrain that can be unstable, retaining walls help stop it from eroding or causing dangerous landslides. These walls can also be used for patios, driveways and walkways. You can have retaining walls made from stone, brick or other materials that are durable yet stylish. You can also choose from a wide range of designs for your retaining walls.

If you would like more information on wall installation for your NJ home, please get in touch with the experts at Custom Pool Pros NJ. We offer consultations to help you figure out which type of walls you should get and how they should be designed for maximum beauty.