Vinyl Pool

Vinyl pools offer a comfortable swimming environment for NJ homeowners. At Custom Pool Pros NJ, we can install a vinyl liner pool on your property, so you can enjoy swimming outdoors all summer long with friends and family. All of our pools are properly and safely installed by pool professionals who have years of experience and the ability to provide exceptional service.

What are vinyl pools? These pools have a liner made of vinyl that covers the walls of the pool structure, which creates a smooth surface for swimmers. Vinyl pools are known for being more flexible than other materials, which leads to fewer limitations for design options. Homeowners can add different features to these pools, such as lighting effects, waterfalls and heaters. The number of years that these pools last for depends on different factors, including the quality of the material and whether it’s kept in good condition on a regular basis, but most are made to last for several years.

Redefine Comfort With Vinyl Pools

There’s a reason why many homeowners choose to go with vinyl pools for their yard. Vinyl pools in NJ provide homeowners with a number of benefits, including lower installation costs, plenty of options in terms of size and shape, a smooth surface and easy maintenance. These pools typically cost less to install than pools made from other materials, such as concrete or fiberglass. They also provide swimmers with a comfortable surface that is nonabrasive and won’t irritate skin. Vinyl pools are relatively easy to care for as well, thanks to their mainly nonporous surfaces, which prevent algae from growing and needing to be scraped or scrubbed off.

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