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Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass Pools

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Fiberglass Pool

Fiberglass pools in NJ have become the first choice of many homeowners for its low maintenance and quick installation. With fiberglass pools in your backyard, you can enjoy with family and friends for years without the burden for expensive maintenance cost.

When you want to install a new swimming pool you need to consider a number of things. It all starts with the idea of having a beautiful swimming pool in your own backyard space where you can enjoy with family and friends. However, you cannot settle with any swimming pool just because you need one, you need a pool which doesn’t look cheap and can be relied for years upon. Fiberglass Swimming Pools in NJ offer the best quality pool structures and has a whole lot of advantages over other types of pools.

Advantages of Fiberglass Pool

Easy Installation Procedure: The procedure of fiberglass pool installation in NJ is quicker and easier compared to the other types of pools like vinyl, gunite or cement liner pool. There are lots of shapes and sizes of the fiberglass are available and you can choose as per the need and space you have. Once you get your desired fiberglass pool design delivered to your place, it can be installed in no time. It helps in saving a good amount of time, which results in quick installation.

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Smooth Finish: The smooth finish of the fiberglass pool will make you fall in love with it from the first time you touch it. Its smooth finish gives a delightful experience every time you step in and out of the pool. You do not need to worry about scratching the surface of your pool is of good quality.

Maintenance Required: Required maintenance of the pool is a decisive factor. The fiberglass pool has got a well-coated finishing, which is even non-porous. It helps in deterring any sort of algae or mold growth on the surface. This, in the long term, helps you to save both time and money on maintenance. Unlike a concrete pool, it does not require you to spend a fortune on monthly cleanup.

Durability: Fiberglass pools are the most durable pool among all types of pool. It can withstand both the extreme hot and cold temperatures as they have got a flexible nature. Hence, it is more resilient to even the swings of temperature. Even because of this flexible nature, the repairing cost is quite bearable as the damage does not reach an extreme level as it would otherwise be.

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Earlier there weren’t many colors available in fiberglass pool design but now there are many manufacturers that make a number of colors and shades in fiberglass pools.

Fiberglass pools costs are considered to be a bit on the expensive side by homeowners because of the higher initial cost. It’s important to know about the pool you are getting, what are initial cost and maintenance cost. The pool shells of 26 feet or even less than that length, cost around $10,000 to $12,000. Even the medium-sized pools cost around $14,000 while the larger ones may range around $20,000. Though the estimates are formed on an average basis, still you may say that the fiberglass pools NJ prices are high but once you consider the maintenance cost your fiberglass pool costs less than a vinyl pool and gunite pools.

Fiberglass inground pools have a number of advantages and if you are looking for a fiberglass pools installer in NJ Custom Pool Pros can help you with it. We have been building pools in New Jersey and trusted by homeowners for honest rates and quality work.

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