Want to Build Your Swimming Pool in Central New Jersey?

Custom Pool Pros specializes in providing inventive pool services in the Central New Jersey area. Therefore, any idea that you have for your inground swimming pool can be created. Unlike other pool companies, we don’t sell typical pools that are already built and come standard. Instead, we construct a pool that is designed with your vision in mind to create the perfect swimming pool for your specific needs and preferences. To limit the problems that you have to experience during construction, none of our work is subcontracted out to other companies. Therefore, the entire process from design to construction and including installation is completed by professionals at Custom pool pros in Central New Jersey.

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Get the pool of your dreams, built with you in mind. Choose Custom Pool Pros for transparency, collaboration, and stunning results.

Swimming Pool and Patio Renovations in Central New Jersey

One of the main differences between Custom Pool Pros and other pool providers is that the owner is also the lead builder and will oversee every aspect of your pool project. This will ensure that the process is smooth and no unexpected delays arise. We have our own crew and equipment to ensure that your pool or patio renovation process is completed in a timely manner and done effectively.

Therefore, at Custom Pool Pros in Central New Jersey we have access to our own excavation crew, masonsplumberselectricians and landscape design professionals. All of your pool and patio renovations needs can be provided by our highly trained and skilled professionals. Our crews are already established and skilled, which makes pool much easier to complete.

If you choose Custom Pool Pros in Central New Jersey to design and construct your pool or patio, you will be provided with the most cost effective service that will allow you peace of mind and impeccable results. The only variable that is out of our control is the weather. Due to the unpredictable weather that is common in the Central New Jersey area it is recommended that you plan ahead and contact us immediately. Most pool projects require about six to eight weeks until competition, which includes the entire process from design to installation. In some cases, depending on the type of swimming pool and patio renovation, the process can be completed in different time frames.

Koi Ponds and Water Gardens in Central New Jersey

Custom Pool Pros specializes in designing and constructing various pond and water features in Central New Jersey. Koi ponds and waterfalls can be used to add elegance and sophistication to your pool. This will create a distinctive look that can set your pool apart from more traditional options. We design only ponds and water features that look natural and are simple to take care of. This will ensure your satisfaction and guarantee that you have the water feature you have always desired. Our koi ponds are landscaping creations that add a new dimension to your property, but waterfalls can be used to make your pool more visually appealing. Custom Pool Pros is known for creating waterfalls that cascade and are constructed using rocks and stones to create a more inventive design.

Rock Features and Beach Entries in Central New Jersey

We are known for using rocks to create designs that are dramatic, but also elegant. Not only are distinctive design options possible through the use of rock features, but unique beach entries are also attainable through the services of Custom Pool Pros in Central New Jersey. This includes the installation of Baja Steps that descend naturally or infinity edge pools that create a look of cascading water that floats on air. All of these design concepts are possible with Custom Pool Pros in Central New Jersey.

Why Choose Us in Central New Jersey?

Custom Pool Pros is the company that can make your dream a reality, with its inground swimming pools NJ work. You can trust our pool building craftsmen who have expert training in this type of architecture. Custom Pool Pros uses the latest technology in pool building with a selection of modern amenities to make sure that your inground pool at your New Jersey home has all the features you desire.

Maybe you have been looking at swimming pools for your children? At Custom Pool Pros we specialize in creating swimming pools to meet your needs. We can also design and build inground pools that will be everything you want for your NJ home, down to every detail. An inground pool at your New Jersey home, designed for your children, will provide them with hours of healthy fun while they learn swimming skills.