Outdoor Kitchen, Bars, Pavilions, and Fencing Installation in NJ

Whether you’re thinking of adding a kitchen bar for entertaining guests, a pavilion for a shady place to sit in summer or fencing to keep your property safe, we can help.

Our backyard kitchens in NJ can be designed in a wide range of styles.

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Host Memorable Barbecues With an Outdoor Kitchen

From kitchens with a rustic look, to ones with a contemporary flair, we can help you choose the right design to compliment your home aesthetic. Outdoor kitchens can be customized with the following features: Barbecues, smokers, sinks, refrigerators, wine fridges, stovetops, and warming drawers.

You can also use the backyard kitchen for barbecues for that the whole family can enjoy. Celebrate summer holidays with friends and family.

Having an outdoor kitchen lets you enjoy the fresh air while preparing great meals for your family or guests.

Enjoy The Weather With Backyard Pavilions

Pavilions provide a sheltered spot for sitting and taking in some fresh air no matter what the weather is like.

From hot, sunny days to cooler, rainy ones, having a pavilion means you can sit outside and relax without having to worry about getting soaked or sunburned.

Pavilions are available in all kinds of different designs, giving you a number of possibilities to consider.

When it comes to choosing a pavilion for your yard, it’s important to go with one that won’t clash with your home’s exterior or the rest of the decor in your yard.

Secure Your Property With Backyard Fencing

Fencing serves a functional purpose, but you can also use it to make your yard more fashionable. Putting decorative fencing in your yard adds some flair while also preventing pets and kids from running off and reducing the risk of having trespassers on your property.

Fencing for yards is available in many different materials that each offer certain advantages and disadvantages.

From wooden fences that give yards a rustic look to sleek wrought-iron fences or practical metal ones, you’ll find that you have a variety to choose from for your NJ home.

Outdoor Kitchen, Pavilion & Fencing Experts in NJ

The experts at Custom Pool Pros NJ are here to assist you with setting up an outdoor kitchen, having a pavilion installed or adding fencing to your property. If you’d like to learn more about our kitchen bar, pavilion or fencing services, please get in touch with Custom Pool Pros NJ.

Our experts are ready to help you spruce up your NJ property.