Having steps installed in your yard can make it easier for you to walk around, and it gives you a chance to add a stylish touch to your property with hardscaping. At Custom Pool Pros NJ, we offer steps installation in NJ to spruce up your property and provide you with a safe and stylish way to get around different levels in your yard.

When you choose hardscaping steps for your yard, one of the most basic decisions to make is between dimensional steps or irregular ones. Your decision will be partly based on the layout of your yard, especially in terms of elevation.

If you have a slope or if you want your steps to lead from one area to another, irregular steps can help you accomplish that. These types of steps don’t line up evenly. Instead, they can form a slight curve that’s suitable for irregular terrain. Irregular steps have a whimsical look to them, which can add some visual interest to your property.

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Dimensional steps are ones that form a perfect line from one elevation to another. You can have these types of steps installed from the sidewalk to your door if you have a sloped front yard. This provides an even stairway for you and visitors to use in order to reach your home. You can also have dimensional steps installed to lead from one part of your property, such as a pool area, to another, such as your patio. These steps give your yard a more uniform look, which can enhance its appearance.

Whether you choose irregular or dimensional steps for your yard, you can have them built from different types of materials. You might choose smooth or rough stone for a natural look, or go for brick or concrete steps instead. In addition to selecting a material, you’ll also choose the colors for your steps. You’ll have a wide range of tones to choose from, whether you go with stone, brick or concrete steps. The colors you should select for your yard depend on how the rest of your property looks. You might want to choose steps in a color that matches the exterior of your house, or choose a different tone to add some contrast. Keep in mind that you can also add landscaping elements alongside your steps to make them stand out even more.

If you’d like to know more about our step installation services, please contact Custom Pool Pros NJ. We’ll be happy to set up a consultation with you to help you choose the ideal steps for your yard.