Custom Swimming Pools for Everyone

Custom Swimming Pools for Everyone!

In 1947 Philip Ilsley once again changed pool history forever. His company, The Paddock Engineering Co, introduced “The Blue Opal,” a luxury pool that was a “New Swimming Pool for Everybody” as promoted in magazines at the time. It was the $2500.00 pool that anyone could own, not just the rich and famous (but NOW you could live like them!).

Photos in all the magazines and newspapers at the time showed the most popular and famous people in Hollywood at the time, stars like; Jack Benny, Bing Crosby, Red Skelton and more lounging, swimming and socializing at their pools and like all good promotion, when the rich and famous are doing it, everyone wants to do it!

Paddock touted the swimming pools positive marketing points such as; health and recreation benefits, a great new “hobby” as his marketing read, fun for the whole family, enhance the beauty and value of your grounds and gardens and a great way to live the “California life.”

That life style hit the United States by storm and from Hollywood, California all the way to Bergen County, New Jersey, and in the next short 10 years pool building jumped from around 2000 pools in the entire United States to almost 60,000 by the mid to late 1950’s! And it never stopped, with estimates now of almost 1.5 million swimming pools in the USA today. Ilsley was the Henry Ford of swimming pools and that is no exaggeration!

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