Fireplaces aren’t just for indoors. You can have an outdoor chimney built right on your patio or another suitable location in your yard. Custom Pool Pros NJ has a team of experienced contractors who can assist you with choosing the perfect design for your home. Learn more about our outdoor chimneys in NJ, including how to choose a design and where to have one built.

The ideal place to have your outdoor chimney built depends on how much room you have in your yard and how your yard is set up. For smaller yards with a patio or a deck, you can have the outdoor chimney built on these structures.

This creates a cozy place for you and your family or friends to sit during the evening or at night when you have a fire going. If you have a bigger yard, you can have your outdoor chimney built in a separate area that serves as an outdoor living area. This space can be large and include comfortable chairs for everyone to sit on while lounging near the fire. If you have a pool, putting an outdoor chimney near it gives you a great place to warm up after swimming.

There are several outdoor chimney designs to choose from during the planning stages. You can have a chimney that is arched or rectangular in shape, or go with a chimney that is tapered near the top instead of being a tall, straight rectangular structure. As far as materials, you can choose from durable ones, such as concrete, stone or brick. These materials are available in different tones, so you can choose colors that go with the rest of your yard. You can also add special features for added visual appeal, such as a mantle or decorative tiles.

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You’ll also need to choose the type of outdoor chimney you want in terms of fuel. Wood-burning chimneys are the most common type, since they can be built as free-standing units. Gas chimneys for outdoor use must be built close to a gas line, which limits potential locations for them. Keep in mind that wood burning chimneys are also less expensive to use on a regular basis.

If you want to know more about outdoor chimneys or if you want to start looking into your options, contact Custom Pool Pros NJ. Our contractors can help you pick the right design, material and color scheme for your outdoor chimney, so you can enjoy spending sitting around a fire under the stars with friends and family.