A pool house gives you a comfortable place to hang out after going for a swim. Our pool house contractors in NJ can help plan and build one for your home, so you can have guests over all summer long. At Custom Pool Pros NJ, our experienced contractors know how to help you choose the ideal pool house for your home, whether you just want a small, cozy one or a much more spacious one.

Planning a pool house takes a considerable amount of time and involves making a number of decisions. One of the earliest decisions you’ll need to make is where to put your pool house. This depends on your yard’s layout and the amount of space you have. You can have your pool house built behind your pool, so that you have a nice view of it from your house. You’ll also have a good view of your house from the pool house if you put it in this location. You can also have a pool house built on either side of your pool if you don’t want to obstruct the view of surrounding trees and other scenery. You might also want to position your pool house so that it doesn’t get hit with full sunlight if you prefer having a shady spot to relax after swimming.

Another decision you’ll need to make is what kinds of features and accessories you want in your pool house. There are so many options available that you don’t have to settle for a simple structure with a roof, floor and one or more walls. Instead, you can turn your pool house into an outdoor kitchen or include entertainment features, such as a sound system or large-screen TV. You can also use your pool house for practical purposes by including an enclosed area for changing clothes or a place to store cleaning equipment or pool accessories.

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Planning a pool house also involves deciding on how it will look. You can have a pool house that has a very symmetrical appearance, which pairs well with a more formal landscaping design around it. Your other option is to have a pool house with a more natural-looking appearance that blends well with irregular landscaping designs. No matter which one you choose, keep in mind that there are several options available in terms of color schemes, layout and materials.

If you’re ready to learn more about having your own pool house built, contact Custom Pool Pros NJ. We’ll help you come up with the perfect design for your pool house.