5 Things That You Should Know Before Pool Remodeling

5 Things That You Should Know Before Pool Remodeling

Any form of pool remodeling will bring new light to the entire backyard area. No matter if you are up for extending your pool, a complete pool remodeling, or just doing a facelift, your pool will be more appealing than ever.

And while pool remodeling is not the cheapest or quickest project, a process like this is of high importance for your pool maintenance. A perfect pool will be the heartbeat of any house party and a great attribute to your family’s recreation, so read further to find out everything related to pool remodeling.

5 Things You Should Know Before Pool Remodeling

Create a list of changes and upgrades.

Before you start with your renovation, ask yourself what you are trying to get from the process. Do you want a bigger pool, or are you upgrading your pool system or adding new features? You need to have an answer to all these questions before hiring the experts.

When is the right time for pool remodeling to be carried out?

Scheduling the remodel will ensure the success of the project. Thus, the ideal time is early summer when the weather is more stable and won’t cause many disruptions.

Be realistic with the duration of the renovation.

As pool renovation is not something that happens overnight, you must have realistic expectations of how long it will take. Check with the contractors about their estimated time frame, and add 10-20% on top of that, just to avoid any frustrations. This is especially important because, during the renovation, parts of your yard might be off-limits.

Choosing the right contractor

Get quotes from several potential contractors and make comparisons. Don’t always accept the cheapest offer but check their portfolio and online reviews previous customers left. Ideally, you should aim for a balance of a good reputation, a prolific portfolio, and a decent-priced quote.

Preparation time

If you have decided on your contractor, it is time to prepare for what’s coming. Clean the backyard and remove anything that is not needed around the pool. Make sure your doors and windows are always shut during the work process to keep dust and dirt from getting into the house. Also, you can check with your contractor ahead of time to see what needs to be done.

Benefits of Pool Remodeling

Once the remodeling is done, you will be looking at an excellent return on your investment for the next couple of decades. First and foremost, the property value will increase. Plus, newer pool models (i.e., systems) usually need less water, so you will cut on monthly utilities as well.

From year to year, there are so many new technological advancements, that for sure you will have some installed with your new custom-remodeled pool as well. From automatic lighting to special fire features, you can have it all. Furthermore, all of your safety features will be updated, so that children can have fun in the pool as well. And the bottom line is you will have a pool makeover that’ll serve your family well.

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When is it Time to Remodel?

If you own a pool that’s updated with clear signs of wear, you know the time has come. Continual repairs, cracked walls, outdated designs, or insufficient safety features are just a few of the reasons you can opt for pool remodeling. However, that’s only the beginning. If you wish, your pool can always be better and more modern than your current design and system.

What Features to Consider During a Pool Remodeling Project?

There are many pool upgrades the choosing from; however, here are three we believe should not be missed:

Safety Features

Safety should always be number one. Based on what you already have right now, ladders, fences, and railings are the default option. You can go step up and incorporate pool safety covers as an added safety feature.


When there is a discussion about pool technology, it almost always centers on the pool pump and heating system. Make sure you ditch your single-speed pump that sucks a ton of electricity and go for a variable-speed pump for more efficient filtration. And consider updating your pool heating system, so your pool can warm up more efficiently.


Better lighting will provide enhanced safety, as well as beauty. A nicely set lightning system improves the general ambiance, plus will be a great visibility booster during those evening swims. Moreover, this upgrade might not add a whole lot to the final bill since lighting is a small, cheaper part of the overall pool remodeling.


With everything mentioned above, are you now ready for something new? If you are up for custom swimming pools, or you need inground pool installation in New Jersey, the Custom Pool Pros are ready to be of service. As experts in the area, they would happily guide you through local trends, regulations, and costs, and will provide support and advice for every decision you make. And remember, you do not need anything drastic. You can start small–even just functional. If you want it, the guys from Custom Pool Pros can make it happen!