Fall Season Has Arrived Now Kids Need a Pool Too

Fall Season Has Arrived Now Kids Need a Pool Too

Pools are no less than an indoor oasis and can be like adding a paradise place to your home. If you have kids at home, then having a pool in your backyard may be the best option to beat the health woes of the fall season. Pools are not just a fun place but also provide a lot of health benefits. Pools help you create a lot of beautiful moments and memories with your children that you can relish for a lifetime. A happy childhood is for sure if you have a small swimming pool at home for kids. And, here are a few reasons that will make you believe that pools are perfect for kids and taking into account their safety, you can let them have a splash in the fall season.


Swimming Equivalent to Exercise 

If your kid is a lazy lad and does not like to get up early for exercise sessions but if they love to swim, then never stop them from doing so. Swimming is not just a fun activity but offers health benefits at the same time. Having a swimming session in small backyard pools in NJ can let them enhance their fitness graph and can help them in keeping fit and healthy.

Hygienic and Clean

If you have a small backyard pool in your NJ house, then you can keep your kids at bay from all the germs that may surround in a public pool. Public pools as the name suggests are meant for the public, and many people come and use the same pools, but a private pool is always clean and free of germs if appropriately maintained.

Convenience Factor

When you don’t have a pool at home, every time your kid wishes of having a swim session, you may have to take them to the public pool. It means a chore of getting ready, driving, dropping them and picking them again after their classes, right? But if you have a small fiberglass pool in your backyard, then all these chores are cut down. Not only will it be convenient for you to take your child to your yard to let them have some fun, but these pools also act as an attraction in your backyard.

Vacations are Never-Ending 

Summer vacations may have ended, but with a small inground pool in your house, it’s never-ending. Every time you feel the heat of the sun, dryness of the air, or you want to spend time with all, a dive down the blues can let you have a never-ending summer vacation. Having a small inground pool in your house means you have a license to have great Sundays and holidays. You can also invite your kid’s friends to let them have some gala time out in the waters playing and relaxing amongst the blues.


Though hard to believe, but pools also trigger togetherness. Pools are no less than a magnet that can extend their magnetic properties to let your kids come out of their rooms and sit along the poolside. Thus you can see all the family members sitting beside the pool and having some chit chat sessions binding the family together as one and bringing in togetherness.

Outdoors Inside 

Sometimes in the fall season taking your kids out, getting them ready and letting them socialize is a big deal due to unhealthy weather. But when you have a pool at home, you don’t have to worry about the unhealthy season and children can have fun indoor without moving out of the house. Small pools lure your kids and give them endless healthy entertainment.

These are a few of many reasons for having a small pool at home. Now that you know the reasons, if you want to enquire about small backyard pools cost and installation in NJ contact Custom Pool ProsOur designers are expert in making pools of all shape and sizes in NJ.


Does My Pool Need Renovation?

Does My Pool Need Renovation

A pool at home helps you create many happy and memorable memories. It is necessary to keep the swimming pool in good shape to utilize it optimally. But like your other rooms and other parts of your house, these pools also need time to time renovation. You’ll need to call a pool restoration expert to handle the job. There are numerous reasons to consider a pool renovation over installing a new pool altogether.

Check out some signs that help you can recognize when your pool need renovation:

When You Are No More Happy to See Your Pool

No More Happy to See Your Pool

If your pool has stayed the same for decades, then the chances are that it might not interest you like it used to. You may start feeling that your pool is outdated and is no more stylish or have the latest features. The taste and interests of a person change over the years; especially when it comes to the pool, there are plenty of new trends that arise with the passage of years. And, if you no longer feel the same fondness for your pool to dive down in the blues, then pool customization and pool renovation is the best option for you. NJ custom pool builders get your pools customized according to new latest designs and features with also keeping your choice and preferences in mind.

Pool Renovation to Take Care of Safety Concerns

Safety Concerns swimming pool


Pools are exciting and a relaxing place where you can have some gala time. But if you have children or elderly people at home, then your pools should be completely safe to keep it enjoyable for everyone. A pool lacking proper safety measures can prove to be a disastrous possession at home. If you feel that your pool lack the safety measures, then you should find a swimming pool renovation expert near you to get your pool fledged with all safety norms.

Adding Fun Elements Easily With Pool Renovation

Adding fun elements

The pool world has advanced over the years and brought in more fun elements to your pool. The elements like tanning ledges, swim-up bars, water slides, water jets, lighting, and spa help you take a break from your long tiring schedule and also makes your poolside most fun place in the house. So if you wish to have some extra fun and excitement during your backyard escape or pool parties, get your pool renovated with adding some fun elements. If you are worried about how much does an inground pool cost in NJ, you should go for a renovation service. It saves you from the cost of the complete installation and costs you only for the stuff you want to add. Now that you know, get the trendy and dramatic items installed to receive endless compliments for your pool.

When Your Pool Has Suffered Damages

When Your Pool Has Suffered Damages

Pools suffer a lot from chemicals, ultraviolet rays, extreme weather conditions, or physical wear and tear. These factors deteriorate the health of your swimming pools and thus results in cracks, slippage, or any kind of accident. If your pool is also suffering from any damage, then connect with contractors for inground pool renovation in NJ, and get it fixed to enjoy your summers in the best possible way.


These are few signs that help you realize whether or not your pool need renovation now. If you happen to experience any of the things mentioned above, make sure that you get your pool renovated by experts to have a splash anytime, and every time you wish to have.


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Enhance Your Swimming Pool Experience with An Amazing Patio

Patios carry great significance in the appearance of your pool surroundings. They give the finishing touch to the overall aesthetics of the pool. A pool patio can completely transform the look and functionality of your landscape, provided that it is properly designed. This is why it is always advised to hire a reputable paver patio contractor, who is having the necessary expertise and experience to provide you with a secluded oasis for deep relaxation.

At Custom Pool Pros, we strive to offer the best pool construction and upgrade services to our clients. We can design and create the perfect pool environment for you. With our award-winning designs, we transform your backyard into a relaxing haven. Our unique, creative, and beautiful patio designs will surely complement your pool and uplift its magnificence.

There are several options available for you in patios. Instead of going for the regular concrete patios, choose brick pavers. They offer you more versatility and extraordinary results.

Whether you are looking to install a patio around your swimming pool or just want to replace the old patio with a new one, we have you covered.

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Add a Luxurious Touch to Your Home With A Custom Swimming Pool

swimming pool contractors in New Jersey

Well, who doesn’t want a relaxing summer oasis in the backyard of their home? Having a beautiful and luxurious swimming pool few steps away from home is one of the dreams of most people, isn’t it?

If you have been giving a thought to building a swimming pool in the backyard of your home, allowing swimming pool contractors in New Jersey to help you build the pool just like you envision can be a step toward making your dream realized.

Custom Pool Pros, a renowned name in the New Jersey, offers the best services when it comes to building a perfectly designed swimming pool in the New Jersey area. With a team of experienced and highly-skilled professionals, we help you with every step of constructing a custom pool for you. From designing a pool that reflects your style and personality to constructing the pool that you fancy, we make sure that you don’t have to go through any of the hassles that come with the constructing process.

Our experience and our work in the New Jersey area has made us one of the celebrated swimming pool contractors in New Jersey. You dream about it, and we deliver it!

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