Pool Chemicals: What You Need To Know

Pool Chemicals_ What you Need To Know

Pool chemicals play an essential role in the hygiene of the pool. With so many chemicals for the swimming pool out there, it may become increasingly difficult to understand what role does each of them plays in keeping the water perfectly balanced. Don’t worry! We are here to demystify all pool chemistry for you.

The primary swimming pool chemicals are: Algaecides, pH Balancers, Alkalinity Balancers, Sanitizers, Pool Shock, and Hardness Balancers. You can also use test strips at home or share the water samples with your local pool store to figure out the degree of hygiene and chemical levels in your swimming pool. The process can be slightly exhausting, confusing as well as complicated, but with some digital tools, you can perform the tests quickly and effortlessly yourself.

Keeping your swimming pool water clean and chemically balanced can be a tricky task, particularly when you don’t know what purpose each type of chemical serves. Pool builders usually share these details with the pool owners, but it may be difficult to remember everything. Let’s get to the chemistry now. 

Types of Pool Chemicals Including Sanitizers and Algaecides

Remember, every chemical has its properties and plays a crucial role in the maintenance of good pool health.

pH Increaser: They are used to increase pH levels.

pH Reducer: This is to reduce the pH level. It helps neutralize.

Alkalinity Increaser: To make the water alkaline and balance the chemicals. 

Calcium Hardness Increaser: It is granular calcium chloride and is used to control the hardness of the water.

Chlorine Neutralizer:  Granular Sodium Thiosulfate. This is used if chlorine concentration is generally too high.

Chemical Combo Packs: These packages can be used instantly. It includes tablets, shocks, algaecide, and others. It can help you get started with the bare essentials.

What are pools Sanitizers and why do we need them:

Sanitizers are the key chemicals to keep the water of your pool sanitized and disinfected. Sanitizers which are used in pools are TriChlor, DiChlor, and Bromine & Cyanuric Acid.

What are algaecides and why do you need them:

Algaecides help prevent algae from growing. It is one of the essential chemicals recommended by pool builders. Some algaecides are copper-based, while others are non-metallic polymers.

Besides these, few more chemicals are required to maintain the health of your pool water, which includes balancers, clarifiers, and removers.

Why Are Pool Chemicals Necessary?

A chemically imbalanced pool can cause a lot of health issues such as irritation, infection, skin disorders, and many issues. As a pool owner, it is your responsibility to keep a check on the optimum level of chemicals in your pool. Regular tests and proper pool care help maintain the health of the water. Not only it ensures the safety and good health of your loved ones, but it also creates a good ambiance for those whom you invite to your place.

Responsible pool builders would share this advice with you whether you go for a saltwater pool or traditional gunite pools.

Why Winter is a Good Time For the Pool Renovation?

Why winter is a Good Time For the Pool Renovation_

Swimming pools can be your go-to place for many reasons such as relaxation, weekend parties, a place to unwind or just to spend some quality time with friends and loved ones. The kind of fun, serenity and luxury swimming pools provide make them worthwhile. Perhaps, a decision you will cherish for a lifetime. Money spent on pools is money well spent. Well! It may require some cleaning, renovation and maintenance from time to time which is not that cumbersome as long as you have a trusted pool company by your side.

After years of use, it may demand some remodeling or renovation. There is no better time than winters to do that. As per the reports and surveys, Pool projects are best completed within this time of the year.

Although there are a variety of professionals, dedicated swimming pool renovators available in the region like NJ, You must always take services from the one who takes customer experience very seriously. Someone you can trust and who keeps you updated offers unbiased advice and adheres to the timelines set by both of you. Winter can be the best time for swimming pool restoration or renovations in NJ.

So, what makes winters the best time for a renovation? Let’s look at some of the reasons to find out why: –


When thinking about pool renovation, the budget is most likely to be at the top of everyone’s mind. Customers often look for the highest standard work within the thresholds of their budgets. Winter may prove to be the best time for that. It is a great time for renovations – pool builders are not inundated with projects, unlike the bustling summer period when the demand is high and most of the pool constructors are busy and hence ask for slightly higher prices.

So during winters, they are more likely to deliver the same work at fairly reasonable prices. This reason is good enough for you to consider swimming pool restoration in the winter period if saving money is one of the priorities for you.

Easy Availability of Experts

Winter may be the best time for you to find some of the top pool builders. If you are looking for high standards of work then winter is the best time because experts are easily available. When it comes to pool renovation, these projects may include any type of work that may be required to be carried out such pool maintenance, pool inspections for chemicals and much more. Contractors will be able to work on all of these aspects more efficiently in comfortable weather which means you would get the best quality work fairly smoothly unlike hot summer months when contractors usually take a comparatively long time and struggle to work effectively due to blistering conditions. The need to stay hydrated is also more and to prevent heatstroke, they take breaks which potentially slow down the project resulting in more cost, time and effort. If you are considering renovation, winter may be the best time.

Better Timing

Imagine spending the summer without the refreshing waves of your swimming pool. Not if you take care of the renovation or remodeling work within the timelines. Renovation during wintertime will allow you to fix your pool during the months and then enjoy the pool when the actual need arises. But if you decide to get the remodeling or reconstruction during summer then it may deprive you of using it during that particular period. For that reason, many customers get pool specials in NJ during winters.

If you are searching for swimming pool renovation near you in NJ, then you have come to the right place. At Custom Pool Pros, we are here to take care of all the renovation work. We are one of the most trusted pool builders and renovators in NJ and around the region.

Does My Pool Need Renovation?

Does My Pool Need Renovation

A pool at home helps you create many happy and memorable memories. It is necessary to keep the swimming pool in good shape to utilize it optimally. But like your other rooms and other parts of your house, these pools also need time to time renovation. You’ll need to call a pool restoration expert to handle the job. There are numerous reasons to consider a pool renovation over installing a new pool altogether.

Check out some signs that help you can recognize when your pool need renovation:

When You Are No More Happy to See Your Pool

No More Happy to See Your Pool

If your pool has stayed the same for decades, then the chances are that it might not interest you like it used to. You may start feeling that your pool is outdated and is no more stylish or have the latest features. The taste and interests of a person change over the years; especially when it comes to the pool, there are plenty of new trends that arise with the passage of years. And, if you no longer feel the same fondness for your pool to dive down in the blues, then pool customization and pool renovation is the best option for you. NJ custom pool builders get your pools customized according to new latest designs and features with also keeping your choice and preferences in mind.

Pool Renovation to Take Care of Safety Concerns

Safety Concerns swimming pool


Pools are exciting and a relaxing place where you can have some gala time. But if you have children or elderly people at home, then your pools should be completely safe to keep it enjoyable for everyone. A pool lacking proper safety measures can prove to be a disastrous possession at home. If you feel that your pool lack the safety measures, then you should find a swimming pool renovation expert near you to get your pool fledged with all safety norms.

Adding Fun Elements Easily With Pool Renovation

Adding fun elements

The pool world has advanced over the years and brought in more fun elements to your pool. The elements like tanning ledges, swim-up bars, water slides, water jets, lighting, and spa help you take a break from your long tiring schedule and also makes your poolside most fun place in the house. So if you wish to have some extra fun and excitement during your backyard escape or pool parties, get your pool renovated with adding some fun elements. If you are worried about how much does an inground pool cost in NJ, you should go for a renovation service. It saves you from the cost of the complete installation and costs you only for the stuff you want to add. Now that you know, get the trendy and dramatic items installed to receive endless compliments for your pool.

When Your Pool Has Suffered Damages

When Your Pool Has Suffered Damages

Pools suffer a lot from chemicals, ultraviolet rays, extreme weather conditions, or physical wear and tear. These factors deteriorate the health of your swimming pools and thus results in cracks, slippage, or any kind of accident. If your pool is also suffering from any damage, then connect with contractors for inground pool renovation in NJ, and get it fixed to enjoy your summers in the best possible way.


These are few signs that help you realize whether or not your pool need renovation now. If you happen to experience any of the things mentioned above, make sure that you get your pool renovated by experts to have a splash anytime, and every time you wish to have.


Custom Pool Pros is known for superior pool renovation in NJ; contact us today if you want to give your pool a new and refreshing look.

Expert Tips For Swimming Pool Maintenance

Swimming pool maintenance is not a full-time job; you can do it easily in your leisure time. Moreover, a swimming pool does not require regular maintenance until the summer approaches. Before installing a swimming pool in the backyard, you should be committed for its maintenance and select accordingly. You must also keep in your mind that a neglected pool can cause you distress and affect the beauty of the house and the health of your family. Thus it is always advisable to regularly maintain your swimming pool. Even though you have invested a lot in your swimming pool design, you still need to maintain it regularly, or your pool will do more harm than good.

For example, if you have a salt water Pool, then you need to shock your salt water pool at least once a week. Check your pool at least twice a week to maintain your swimming pool’s health. Here are some tips from experts which will help you maintain health of your pool.

Expert Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips:

Skimming is Must:

Skimming is must

You must have noticed that some debris like the leaves, wrappers, dirt, plastic and etc. finds their way to the pool, even though your pool is covered. After floating on the surface for a while, the debris eventually breaks down and sinks down to the bottom of the pool. Later, algae start to build in that part, and simultaneously it start developing on the plastering of the pool. This is why skimming is required regularly, as it can eliminate problems that are coming in the future.

Balanced Chemicals:

pool chemical maintenance balanced chemicals

One of the most important parts of your swimming pool maintenance is chemical balancing. If you neglect the balance of the chemical in a pool, then there are chances that your swimming pool transforms into an ideal bacteria breeding place. You should also ensure that the pool’s water has a healthy pH level, i.e., between 7.2-7.8. You can buy the testing kit from the home maintenance store to measure the pool water pH level.

Schedule Filter Cleaning and Maintenance:

schedule filter cleaning and maintenance

Most of the pool owner neglect or forget the changing and cleaning of the pool filter. It works in the background and plays an important role in keeping your swimming pool clean and pristine. It is better if you maintain a planned cleaning for the filters. If you find it hard, you can simply contact the Custom Pool Pros, we can help you with all your concerns regarding inground pools in NJ or any type of backyard pools in NJ.


These are some general tips for the pool maintenance, but if you have gunite pool in NJ, then you need to make sure that you scrub the interior walls of the pool on a weekly basis. This will help to avoid the formation of algae. Other than this, if you have the fiberglass swimming pools NJ, then you need to ensure that for cleaning you use only those products which are meant especially for fiberglass.

There is some technique which is made only for a specific type of pool. For instance, for the vinyl pool in NJ, you need to clean the liner with the pool brush. It also helps to clean the dirt that accumulates on the pool liner. Make sure that the pool brush has either nylon or plastic bristles. You can maintain the cement wall liner pool in the same manner that you do for the vinyl pool.

With these easy steps you can do your swimming pool maintenance and make your pool a happy place. Contact us if you need any kind of help.