Salt Water Pool- A Health-Conscious Choice To Make

Salt water pool

Considering to get a new pool in your backyard? Make sure you do not go for a traditional chlorinated pool this time and opt salt water pool instead. A better investment to make, salt water pools have become the preferred choice of one and all, owing to the myriad benefits that they grant one with. More than just a relaxing place, salt water pools offer unnumbered benefits, right from soothing the skin to decreasing stress levels. So, if you don’t want to end up with a swimming pool that puts you or your family members more in health troubles rather than fun, go ahead with salt water pool without thinking twice.

Salt water pools are known for their lower chlorine levels, and thus are gentler on the eyes and skin. One of the biggest advantages of salt water pools over chlorinated pools is that they are safer and save one from storing & using unsafe chemicals, regular exposure of which results in long-term health risks. Moreover, renowned for producing softer-feeling water, salt water pools require less maintenance in comparison to traditional chlorine water pools. A great alternative for those looking for something different than the average swimming pool, salt water pools do not come with a great expense.

That said, do you now think that salt water pool would be a better choice than the one you currently have? In case, you want to ensure good health and opt salt water pool, let us know. We, at Custom Pool Pros, would be happy to help you!

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Reasons why to Build a Salt Water Pool System – Discovering the Health Benefits

salt water pool system

Conjuring up the visions of those rejuvenating long swims in the ocean, one might be under the impression that a salt water pool system is similar to what you find in the ocean with the brackish environment. This is a misconception that prevails among the masses because a salt water pool has a thin line of similarity with such an environment. The salt in salt water swimming pools neither disinfects nor improves buoyancy since the concentration of salt in such pools is far lesser as compared to the ocean. Read on to find the significant health benefits of the salt water pool system.

Our bodies function at their optimum levels when we are stress-free. Taking a swim in the saltwater pool will help you promote the natural relaxation process of your body which leaves your mind and body refreshed.
Do you often get tired of hitting the gym on a regular basis? The saltwater pool system is an alternative solution wherein you get to exercise your whole body as you resist the flow of the water with each stroke. The best part of any saltwater pool system is that chlorine levels are controlled. Hence there are no potential side effects of handling the chemicals.

Installing such a pool in your home might seem to be a daunting task, but with Custom Pool Pros it becomes a piece of cake. Having a highly skilled team of craftsmen, we use the latest technology in building the pools with modern amenities that have all the features that you desire to have in your pool.

How is Salt Water Pool System Different from Traditional In-ground Swimming Pools?

Salt Water Pool System

A salt water pool system is not entirely different from any traditional in-ground pool system. The fundamental difference between the two lies in the way pools are sanitized in both the systems. Unlike traditional swimming pools in which chlorine is used in its physical form, a saltwater pool system uses a chlorine generator for sanitization purpose. And it is entirely down to your personal choice whether you want to get a traditional in-ground pool system or a salt water pool system.

In standard pool systems, a chlorinator is linked either offline or inline to the filtration system of the pool. In such systems, the user is required to fill chlorine into this system – the frequency of this job depends on the size of your swimming pool and how often it is used. This is how most people distribute chlorine into their swimming pools.

On the other hand, a saltwater pool system uses a salt generator. This generator has a salt cell having metal plates and a control box. The creation of chlorine, in this system, is done through electrolysis – the control box is responsible for creating an electrical charge and sending it through to the metal plates, resulting in the formation and distribution of chlorine in the pool. As pool water flows and reaches the salt cell, it results in the formation of hypochlorous acid. This is how chlorine is introduced into the pool water in a salt water pool system. The most significant benefit of this system is that it does away with the need of the user having to deal with chlorine in its physical form.