Swimming Pool Building: The Complete Process

Swimming Pool Building_ The Complete Process

The swimming pool construction process consists of several steps that, when done right, lead to a result that will amaze you and your family. And while pools can be made in different forms and shapes, the process doesn’t change a lot. If you are planning on giving your garden a brand-new look, we’ve outlined the procedure that you can expect.

Here we are going to discuss the swimming pool construction step-by-step process in 8 simple steps. So, without wasting any time let’s start our blog…

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Step 1: Selection of Location and Design

The first step in the swimming pool construction process is the design phase. You always want to go for a design that is suitable for the land where the pool should be. As you can imagine, this involves the pool shape, area, depth, systems, as well as its overall size. You also want the pool’s location to be accessible for regular maintenance. So, flat terrain will be a much easier option, saving you on costs for the excavation and filling process.

Step 2: Excavation of Earth

With the design in place, a team will measure the pool area, after which the excavation process can begin. With the area carefully marked, exciting work starts to take place, which involves reworking your garden and making space for your new pool. A good contractor will make sure the digging is done carefully while ensuring the surrounding pool area is left untouched.

Step 3: Construction of Swimming Pool Base

The next step in the swimming pool construction process is the pool base construction. This is one of the critical phases that will influence the life of the swimming pool. The excavation is performed so that the bottom face becomes uniform and flat. And if the site has any loose soil, filling and compacting it with firm soil is a must. The compaction can be achieved by natural soil or by using gravel.

Step 4: Steel Cage Reinforcement

The next step is something many families like to see, and that is the steel installation. This process takes approximately two to three days and is especially favored by the kids, who enjoy watching the builders bend and form the steel to the required shape. Plus, this phase makes the whole concept of having a pool come to life since the young ones can finally get more of an idea of what it will look like.

Step 5: Pump and Filter System for Swimming Pool

With all foundations in place, there is one more thing left before the concrete is poured, and that is setting up the pump and filter system. The plumb lines bring water from the pool to the filtering system and back. The whole system is also connected to the municipal water line, so fresh water can be supplied to the pool. This is necessary, as the water that is lost from splashing or evaporation must be replaced.

Step 6: Concreting in Swimming Pool Construction

Next is filling up the floor and walls with standard mixed concrete. Special tools are used for shaping the surface, and twice a day for two weeks, the concrete is cured. Since the concrete thickness determines the pool’s durability, the higher the thickness the better. Likewise, the floors have a greater thickness compared to the walls, with the pool shell measuring 6 inches for its minimum thickness, excluding the plaster.

Step 7: Waterproofing the Concrete Pool

Waterproofing is the next step in the swimming pool construction process. This part involves glass, tiles, ceramic, and epoxy-cement systems. The waterproofing method is selected based on the moisture conditions of the soil, as well as the area’s water table level. With the waterproofing, both the floor and walls become watertight.

Step 8: Construction of Coping

And the last step is fixing the coping, which is the walking area around the pool. It is usually done with tile, marble, concrete, or stone. Once completed, you need to wait for a few days before filling the pool.


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