If Planning In-Ground Pool Renovation in New Jersey, Rely on Us

Inground Pool Renovation in New Jersey

Has countless before and after pool renovation pictures on the Internet instigated you to get yours remodeled as well? Have you always wanted to get your swimming pool renovated, but hesitated to take the initial step? If the idea of a luxurious swimming pool has been residing in your mind for days, it’s time to make that happen, and that too without breaking your bank.

Who doesn’t want an ultimate vacation spot in their home? Every individual likes the idea of plunging into the pool right after returning home from their workplace. However, not many succeed at executing their ideas for different reasons, among which budget is a major one. In case, you have a fixed budget limit and do not want to burn a hole in your pocket, know that you can renovate your pool without facing any monetary issue. To make it work, it would require you to be precise about your requirements and depend on a name that serves your purpose completely.

When it comes to renovation ideas, you can choose different kinds of LED pool lights, waterfall installations, fountains, water features, and other means. You can also get your pool reshaped. Garden design, outdoor fireplaces, and in pool swim-up bars are also an option, which you can consider depending on your choice and financial preferences. As far as a reliable source is concerned, rest assured you won’t find a name better than Custom Pool Pros.

The preference of one and all in the New Jersey, New York, tristate area, Custom Pool Pros has been providing inground pool renovation in New Jersey for the past three decades. Home to the best NJ pool installation and construction team, Custom Pool Pros is a leading name that can help you transform your ultimate wish into a reality with finesse.

5 Entertaining Pool Sports You Can Try

swimming pool sports

Most of the homeowner when thinking about pool they only think about swimming and relaxation. A pool can bring your life lots of extra facilities & pleasurable entertaining moment except just swimming. There are several pool sports are available for all ages of people. You can have a team sports in just of your backyard on your pool. By having a pool party it can also be your socializing hangout place. Here we list the 5 most common & favorite pool sports that bring your life extra joy & happiness.

  1. Volleyball

When it come to pool sports, volleyball come to the mind first place. It’s the #1 favorite team pool sports all over the world. So this team sports can be your best entertaining event in pool.

You can get volleyball nets for the pool from online. There are even floating nets available that are work for kids. It’s also an exciting way to keep fit while enjoying friends and family.

  1. Basketball

The perfect way to get entertain in a hot summer day is water basketball. All you need some friends, water basketball, two pool basketball hoop and a pool. It is a great way to having a pool party and gets the workout at the same time. Your basketball team needs to form some basic rules to the game and a way you go.

You need to have two hoops. Jump shots are worth 2 points, a dunk shot is worth 1 point. There don’t have 3 point shot. Once the player gains possession of the ball, they may not move. Set a time limit to play on how much time you want to play or just set a score to win. And all other rules you have to learn.

  1. Water Polo

This sports comes with combining 3 major US sports, basketball, soccer and hockey. Water polo takes a lot of effort to win the game. If you want to get serious pool game then choose water polo.  Build your team with seven players before playing four rounds of seven minutes. Once a goal has been scored, the ball is released and returned to everyone to their positions in the pool.

  1. Pool Ping Pong

If there have only 2 people in the pool party you can try pool ping pong. I thought it is the coolest sports you can play in just back of your home. If you’re playing with your partner it can be the most romantic and fascinating game. And I’d recommend you to play this sports if you have a beautiful swimming pool.

  1. Pool Toys

Last but not least, when it comes to pool sports or just pool you’ll need some toys for your kids outdoor activity. Buy only those pool toys that your kids will like most. So ask your kids what types of toys and activates he/she prefer. The most popular kid’s pool toys are watermelon ball, swimWays toypedo bandits, intex Inflat-A-Bull, floating drink holder, log flume joust set, etc.