The First Custom Pool Built in New Jersey!

The First Custom Pool Built

Custom Pools in Recent History

One of the best local pieces of history on the swimming pool takes us home to Bergen County, New Jersey! In 1898 an amusements park known as the Palisades Amusement Park was built. It was ahead of its time with incredible rides, events, games and became one of the most visited parks in the entire country during its heyday. In 1910 2 brothers from Fort Lee, New Jersey purchased the park and in 1912 they ordered a custom saltwater swimming pool to be designed and built. It was a monumental engineering task to build the grand pool but the brothers wanted something no one had ever seen before and that’s exactly what they got. The saltwater pool was over 400 feet by 600 feet in dimension and pumped salt water from the near by Hudson River! They built a giant waterfall that created waves that added a special element, it had patrons flocking from all parts of the US to see. The swimming pool drew so many people and was such a huge success for the park that the nearby town of Palisades Park almost changed their name to stop the confused visitors from showing up in their borough!

As you can see the swimming pool has taken a wonderful trip through time and has always been a source of pleasure for the human race. It doesn’t matter if you use a pool for exercise and health, play, relaxation, for it’s added beauty or anything else, it’s something that people use as a positive enhancement in their lives going back as long as history has been recorded. We here at Custom Pool Pros have been servicing Bergen, Cheery Hill, Fairfield, Freehold, Green Brook, Long Island, Mays Landing, Monmouth, Ocean, Jersey Shore and all the surrounding counties for years. We hope that when you are interested in building a custom swimming pool, need help with swimming pool designs, inground swimming pools, aboveground swimming pools, fiberglass pools, luxury pool installation and construction, you let us share our passion and knowledge with you. Call us today!

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