The Ultimate Guide to Fiberglass Pools

guide to fiberglass pool

Although many types of pools are available, fiberglass pools have grabbed a lot of attention due to their incredible benefits. Fiberglass pools come in various shapes, colors, sizes, and finishes, bringing joy and complementing your backyard design.

Which type of fiberglass pool is the best? How do you choose the right one according to your desired lifestyle and space? Do not worry! This guide will solve all your queries and answer your burning questions. So, let’s jump into the innovative world of fiberglass pools!

What Is a Fiberglass Pool?

The fiberglass pool features a sturdy design, six protective layers, and a supportive shell. It is a prefabricated swimming pool with layers made of woven fiberglass. Vinyl resin and waterproof polyester harden these layers. The pool’s gel-like finish gives it a smooth surface and external protection.

Fiberglass pools are one-piece pools and are referred to as pre-manufactured pool shells, installed in your backyard as an integrated unit. Although expensive and lacking customization, they come in various designs, sizes, and shapes, making them a perfect option for various homeowners.

Types of Fiberglass Pools

Before indulging in the remarkable advantages of fiberglass pools, let’s have a look at its different types:

  1. Freeform Pools: offer a natural look with their irregular shapes and curves.
  2. Rectangular Pools: perfect for playing pool games, just cooling off, and swimming laps.
  3. Plunge Pools / Small Fiberglass Pools: these compact and deep pools are perfect for small areas.
  4. Kidney-shaped pools: offer a balanced swimming space and playful design.
  5. Lap pools: perfect for athletes, enthusiasts, and swimming laps.
  6. Spillover and spa pools: offer a warm and luxurious experience.

types of fiberglass pools

Reasons to Choose Fiberglass Pools

Besides versatility, fiberglass pools offer many other incredible benefits, including:

1. Less Installation Time:

Fiberglass pools are pre-made and take only 3-6 weeks for installation, while concrete pools take six months. So, wait less and swim more!

2. Less Maintenance

Fiberglass pools are non-porous, making maintenance a breeze. Their smooth surface and gel coating protect them from microorganisms, UV light, and scale, saving you money and time. You only need to replace the gel coating of fiberglass pools every 15 years, while concrete and vinyl liner pools absorb chemicals and require replacement once every 6-10 years.

benefits of Fiberglass pools

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3. Durability:

Fiberglass pools are flexible and strong and can handle chemical exposure better than concrete pools. With proper care and maintenance, fiberglass pools can last around 30 years.

4. Eco-Friendly System

Fiberglass pools have insulating quality and retain heat for longer than concrete and vinyl liner pools. You will not need to run electricity for longer to keep it heated, saving your energy, money, and utility bills charges. Moreover, fiberglass pools do not absorb anything, lowering your carbon footprint and environmental impact.

5. Comfort for Years

Fiberglass pools’ coating keeps the water at a neutral pH, decreasing the amount of pH neutralizer, algae treatment, and other additives. They are not prone to cuts, making them safe for swimmers, lessening your weekly upkeep costs and increasing their overall lifespan. Give yourself endless fun and a sense of relief today!

Things to Consider Before Selecting a Fiberglass Pool

Each type of fiberglass pool has unique features and the selection will depend on your needs. So, the things which you must take into consideration while choosing a fiberglass pool may include:

1. Size:

Choose the desired fiberglass pool according to the available space in your backyard.

2. Depth:

Fiberglass pools come with different depth options, so choose the best fit for your needs. Whether you need a deeper one for diving or a shallow one for your kids, fiberglass pools will always amaze you.

3. Finish and Color:

Fiberglass pools give your water a sparkling look with various color ranges and finish options. So fiberglass pools will fulfill your needs whether you want a natural blue color or vibrant hues.

4. Innovative Features:

Fiberglass pools allow you to add innovative features like integrated steps, tanning ledges, LED pool lights, waterfalls, built-in benches, hot tubs, etc. These extras enhance the beauty and make your backyard stylish, functional, and luxurious.

5. Fiberglass Pool Cost:

The cost of a fiberglass pool depends on landscaping, installation, size, and additional features. However, the installation is an investment that will be worth every penny.

6. Right Installer:

Choosing an experienced and reliable installer is essential to avoid problems. So, find reputable professionals like Custom Pool Pros, check their past projects, and go ahead with your deal. Years of enjoyment are waiting for you!

Installation Process of Fiberglass Pools

The fiberglass pool’s installation is a smooth and simple process. The overview of this process includes:

1. Site Analysis:

The first thing is to analyze the desired site to figure out a property, setbacks, drainage system, and location of windows and doors.

2. Cost estimation:

Next, the overall cost is estimated to design the expected budget according to the client and installation team’s expectations.

3. Agreement:

After this, the installation team establishes the final cost, designs the project proposal, and signs the customer agreement.

4. Grading and Permit Plans:

Once the agreement is signed, the installation team works with engineers to ensure grading and design plans and apply for the desired permits and zoning.

5. Starting Construction:

After the issuing of permits, the installation team starts construction by doing:

  • Site preparation
  • Pool placement
  • Excavation
  • Foundation setting
  • backfilling
  • Electrical and plumbing work
  • Finishing touches

Maintenance Tips for Fiberglass Pools

You must maintain your fiberglass pool to keep it in good working condition. Its maintenance and cleaning tips include:

  • Skim the water’s surface daily with a leaf skimmer to remove debris and leaves.
  • Check out its pump and filtration system daily. It will keep your pool water clean and enhance the water filtration and circulation.
  • Brush the walls and floor of your pool weekly to remove dust and prevent algae growth.
  • Always keep the bottom of your pool clean. For this, vacuum your pool every week.
  • Check your pool water’s chlorine, pH, and other chemical levels regularly to maintain a safe swimming environment and enhance water sanitation and clarity.
  • For the spring season, check its water chemistry, inspect all equipment for damage, and clean it thoroughly.
  • In a cold winter, winterize your pool by adding winter chemicals, lowering water levels, and properly covering it with a winter pool cover. It will protect your pool from any damage resulting from the freezing temperature.

Furthermore, have your pool inspected annually by a professional to identify any issues. This will help you address the issue promptly and keep your fiberglass inground pool in top condition.

Fiberglass pools are a beautiful addition to your home, offering durability, less maintenance, and quick installation. They provide you with a swimming place and create a luxurious lifestyle, bringing fun, elegance, and hassle-free aquatic retreats. Want to install fiberglass pools cost-effectively? Custom Pool Pros help you build your dreamy pool efficiently! Our professional team solves all your queries, gives you the right advice, and offers a financial solution to fulfill all your needs..

So, why wait? Choose a desired fiberglass pool according to your needs, make endless memories, and make your everyday pleasant with Custom Pool Pros today!