How to Prepare Your Pool for Spring in 5 Easy Steps?

How to Prepare Your Pool for Spring in 5 Easy Steps

Spring has arrived in New Jersey. It is the perfect time to prepare your pool for much-needed relaxation in calming pool water. We know you may have missed your swimming sessions during chilling winters, but now it’s time to get it ready for refreshing dips. While preparing your pool for spring may seem to be a difficult task, but not that difficult. You just need to follow some easy steps, and you are there.

Get your pool ready for spring by following these five easy steps:

Clean Your Pool and Filter

The first thing you should do is to take the covers off your pool. Clean all visible debris and dust. Hire some help if your pool is big in size. You need to start the cleaning process next. Don’t worry about the color of the water or how much debris there is. Start small, and after a while, you will see the magic yourself. Next are the filters – just lift the filter and remove the dust or debris. Wash it with clean water for a few minutes and then fix it again.

Add Chemicals and Fill with Water

Now you are ready to fill the pool. It’s time to turn on the pool equipment, such as the filter and the pump. Let it run for some time. Check if the tools are functioning properly and if there is any problem, seek some professional help. You might have to shock the pool by giving chlorine shock deeding on the pool water.

Add chemicals to adjust the water balance. If everything is fine, you are ready to proceed to the next step. Allow your pool some time and let the chlorine mix well for at least 24 hours. Now test the water’s chemical levels. For a safe swimming experience, it is advisable to use a pool chemical test kit. It can easily help you verify the safe chemical levels.

Check the PH levels and the water balance. It is also advisable to maintain healthy levels for better health safety and swimming experience.

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Check the Pool Pump

Check if the pump is working fine or not. If there are any problems, remove the lid and do some testing. If nothing works, it is best to call a pool expert for a better solution. Although it is not a big task, sometimes the pool may become ineffective if it stays dormant for long.

Monitor the Filter and Water Color

Closely monitor the filter and the color of the pool water. It may take a few weeks before the water becomes clear. Keep removing any sticks, leaves, or debris trapped in the pool filter. Let the system run efficiently for a few days, and you will see the water of your pool becoming clean. Again, balance the water for a better experience.

Vacuum, Scrub, and Prepare

It’s time for the last step. Now you need to scrub the pool, vacuum it, and then skim it to get the best shape. Finally, add the components and accessories of the pool, if any. And Voila! Your pool is ready. It’s swimming time now!

Final Word

These are some key steps to help you prepare your pool for the spring. You can prepare your pool for swimming more speedily with professional service if you don’t have any prior experience. You can also use this opportunity to renovate your swimming pool if there are any visible damages or discolorations.

Custom Pool Pros can help you with all kinds of latest pool renovations. If you are planning to remodel or need a new swimming pool installation in NJ, call us today.