Pool Chemicals: What You Need To Know

Pool Chemicals_ What You Need To Know

Pool chemicals play an essential role in the hygiene of the pool. With so many chemicals for the swimming pool out there, it may become increasingly difficult to understand what role does each of them plays in keeping the water perfectly balanced. Don’t worry! We are here to demystify all pool chemistry for you.

The primary swimming pool chemicals are: Algaecides, pH Balancers, Alkalinity Balancers, Sanitizers, Pool Shock, and Hardness Balancers. You can also use test strips at home or share the water samples with your local pool store to figure out the degree of hygiene and chemical levels in your swimming pool. The process can be slightly exhausting, confusing as well as complicated, but with some digital tools, you can perform the tests quickly and effortlessly yourself.

Keeping your swimming pool water clean and chemically balanced can be a tricky task, particularly when you don’t know what purpose each type of chemical serves. Pool builders usually share these details with the pool owners, but it may be difficult to remember everything. Let’s get to the chemistry now. 

Types of Pool Chemicals Including Sanitizers and Algaecides

Remember, every chemical has its properties and plays a crucial role in the maintenance of good pool health.

pH Increaser: They are used to increase pH levels.

pH Reducer: This is to reduce the pH level. It helps neutralize.

Alkalinity Increaser: To make the water alkaline and balance the chemicals. 

Calcium Hardness Increaser: It is granular calcium chloride and is used to control the hardness of the water.

Chlorine Neutralizer:  Granular Sodium Thiosulfate. This is used if chlorine concentration is generally too high.

Chemical Combo Packs: These packages can be used instantly. It includes tablets, shocks, algaecide, and others. It can help you get started with the bare essentials.

What are pools Sanitizers and why do we need them:

Sanitizers are the key chemicals to keep the water of your pool sanitized and disinfected. Sanitizers which are used in pools are TriChlor, DiChlor, and Bromine & Cyanuric Acid.

What are algaecides and why do you need them:

Algaecides help prevent algae from growing. It is one of the essential chemicals recommended by pool builders. Some algaecides are copper-based, while others are non-metallic polymers.

Besides these, few more chemicals are required to maintain the health of your pool water, which includes balancers, clarifiers, and removers.

Why Are Pool Chemicals Necessary?

A chemically imbalanced pool can cause a lot of health issues such as irritation, infection, skin disorders, and many issues. As a pool owner, it is your responsibility to keep a check on the optimum level of chemicals in your pool. Regular tests and proper pool care help maintain the health of the water. Not only it ensures the safety and good health of your loved ones, but it also creates a good ambiance for those whom you invite to your place.

Responsible pool builders would share this advice with you whether you go for a saltwater pool or traditional gunite pools.