Adding Swimming Pool Design Ideas to Your Home: Complete Information

Adding Swimming Pool Design Ideas to Your Home

So you have decided to look into swimming pool design ideas, but before you take the big plunge (no pun intended) into this project, you might wonder about the long-term effect on the value of your property. Would this investment add to your home’s resale worth or take away from it? In fact, should you expect any kind of return for the amount that you will be putting into this amenity?

The short answer is that it all depends on many factors from the design of the pool and its surroundings to the upkeep. However, we can provide enough insight that will better equip you to make this major decision. And you may be surprised at how much worth a pool can add regarding your family’s enjoyment and well-being and of course, the resale value of your home.

Increases Property Value

On average, you can expect the value to go up approximately 5% to 8%. When, or if, you get to a point of selling your property, you will need to consider some marketing factors to ensure success.

Swimming Pool Best Design Ideas in your Location

Location counts twofold in the real estate game–in terms of your geographic location and your neighborhood. As far as where you live, you have to remember that climate plays a big role. Hence, if you are located in a region that is known for cold winters and short summers, you might consider this when pondering a pool installation. For instance, custom swimming pool design ideas might include features like heating, lighting, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, and automatic covers. Such amenities might allow for a longer period of enjoyment and more versatile use of this outdoor space for your family’s comfort and entertainment purposes.

About your location within the community, if you live in a neighborhood that has many young families with children, then a pool could be a draw to potential buyers who are in the same phase of life. After all, the house on the block with a pool tends to be a popular hangout among children and teens.

Maintenance of the Swimming Pool

Another factor to keep in mind is the maintenance of your backyard and pool. The reason is that a potential buyer would notice the condition of the aquatic space before anything else in the backyard since that tends to be the focal point.

So if you keep the filtration system up to date and stay ahead of any major fixes such as resurfacing, your pool area will likely draw some positive attention that translates into a sale with a swimming pool design idea.

Just the same, if you have additional features incorporated into your pool’s design, like an adjacent patio or deck or built-in seating, or even fountains or slides, you will also need to make sure those are kept in good shape.

Finally, if you already have an established schedule with a pool maintenance service contractor who can easily transition from the previous owner to the new one, this may also serve as another draw for buyers. This perk would save them time that would have been spent on finding a pool cleaner.

Potential Buyers

Just like any other type of marketing, you need to familiarize yourself with the buyers who would be in the market for a home with an inground pool. From families with school-age children who would enjoy playing in the outdoor space to retirees who would appreciate the therapeutic aspect of a pool, you would need a swimming pool design idea to highlight the traits of your outdoor space that would attract these individuals. This may also involve keeping up with important safety and security features like fencing and a gate, a sturdy pool cover, an alarm system, and lighting. These qualities can add impressive value to your pool and your home.

Quality of the Pool

Also, the design and quality of the pool have the potential to add to the property’s value. Now, this does not mean installing the most outlandish design that is impractical and impossible to maintain or takes up too much yard space. Rather, the material chosen would be durable, and the layout of the pool area, including pavers or tile and coping, would offer aesthetic appeal, functionality, and safety.

Moreover, features like seating, fountains, a baja shelf, or a waterfall would add even more value.

Adds Visual Appeal to your Backyard Swimming Pool

An appealing combination of a beautiful landscape and an aquatic area piques the interest of buyers, especially if they were in the market for a home with a swimming pool design idea. Plus, if your outdoor space has a good ratio of landscaping to hardscaping, along with the pool itself, then this feature could be one of your home’s biggest selling points.

For instance, imagine a sizable green lawn that gives enough space for outdoor play accented with a patio that provides a comfortable spot for relaxing and dining. Then, there is the pool which boasts a sleek, well-kept finish and is surrounded by eye-catching pavers or tile. Such an amenity would benefit your family in the long term plus add to the property’s value.

Provides Entertainment & Relaxation

Another sure sign of a positive return on your investment is the decades of enjoyment and relaxation you and your family will get from your pool. Better yet, children at any age love playing water sports (think in terms of temporarily adding a net or a small basketball goal) and swimming as do teens. Thus, the entertainment that your family and friends will get out of a swimming pool design ideas will make the investment worthwhile. Plus, for this very reason, your outdoor space will attract potential buyers if you ever decide to sell.

Great Source of Cardio

Plus, a pool is an excellent source of cardio exercise as well. Yes, swimming is great for strengthening muscles, lungs, and heart, but you can also play different water sports with your children to get the same amount of exercise. After all, variety is key to building good health-related habits.

Do you remember playing Marco Polo or water volleyball as a kid? Your family will gain the same health benefits while having an enjoyable time. Moreover, you will save a lot of money that you would spend on fees for a club or entrance to a recreational center or water park.

As you can see, getting a pool installed pays off in the long run. So when you are pondering this important decision, remember that this investment has the potential to increase your property’s resale value. But the most important factor is the long-term enjoyment and health benefits that your family will gain from having a pool.

And don’t forget to consult with the experts in custom swimming pool design ideas. The contractors at Custom Pool Pros can answer all your questions about design, installation, and maintenance. In addition to inground pool installation in NJ, they can offer ideas for upgrades, renovations, and even safety features. Contact them today for a free quote and consultation.

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