Gunite: Pool Building Technology Changes Forever!

Pool Building Technology Changes Forever!

In the next 10 years custom pool building would take some radical turns and push the limits of pool building the likes that no one could ever imagine. Around 1929 a very young Richard Neutra was given a task most thought impossible, to build a home on the steep side of the Los Feliz Hills in Los Angeles. The Lovell Heath House would become one of the first examples of Modern Architecture and Modern Design.

From using steel in the construction and gunite (sprayed concrete as an answer to get concrete up on the steep hill) to the first custom swimming pool set on a terrace (an answer to having a pool on a hill side, something not before seen in history). Neutra set a new bar in architecture and has become a “must study” for modern architects and homebuilders. The Lovell Heath House is considered an architectural and artistic masterpiece and is visited and studied even today.

Every swimming pool built on the side of a mountain or hill now, can trace it’s roots back to Lovell Heath House and Neutra, he figured out that you could set up a terrace with a hollow floor and set the pool right inside with concrete and no need for land! Truly amazing. Unbeknownst to Nuetra at the time, he would go on to influence pool construction for the next 80+ years!

Around this same time, the “Ennis House,” also in Los Angeles, was built by master architect and legendary writer Frank Lloyd Wright. Mr. Wright was known for his use of interlocking bricks in his architecture (much like what is used by pavers today) and organic style, not only building incredible custom homes but beautiful pools, organic stone waterfalls and other artistic designs so far ahead of their time, they are still considered current and modern.

It is no doubt that the 20’s were revolutionary for swimming pool design. But as with all new innovation comes advances based on those earlier advancements, so comes the 1930’s and evolution of pool building would be just as extraordinary as the previous decade!

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