10 Simple Home & Kitchen Upgrade to Give Your House a New Look

10 Simple Home & Kitchen Upgrade to Give Your House a New Look

Home renovation, remodeling or adding a new home upgrades to your home is a daunting plus expensive task. Today’s home renovation market will get you overwhelmed by a myriad of categories of different home appliances. Unless your next home decorating plan is carefully thought out, it might cost you a fortune from the very beginning.

When it comes to giving your home a refreshing look, it is important to choose quality upgrades and get you some bang for the buck so that you don’t find stringing wires over your house in future. Here are the 8 important but easy-to-do home and kitchen upgrades for your dream home:

1. Add texture to your walls

If you don’t want the simple-boring-look in your room you could add texture to hide the imperfections of the wall. There are numerous ways to give an unusual yet unique wall texture to lighten up the room.

Mainly there is joint compound and wallpaper texture. In the joint compound, it is applying the thick texture via drywall. You can give it some unique touch with combs, sponges, tissue paper etc. Or just put up the wallpaper with adhesives.

2. Painting the kitchen countertops

Laminated countertop ends up with uneven and rough surfaces and its worth a great deal of money to replace with granite or marble countertops.

To give your countertops a stone-look you can use stone texture spray or paint such as Faux Granite Kitchen spray.

3. Caulking the windows

Windows without proper sealing results in rotting of the wood and let the moisture into your house. In winter it gets worse as it snows heavily. Properly caulking the cracks and recaulking the inner and outer portion is recommendable.

First, scrap the old caulk from the window frame. Next, apply the cual with a caulk gun. Use your finger and rub 5 times between the window frame and the wall. Make the nozzle of the caulk gun is narrow to avoid large beads.

4. Add fabric chairs on kitchen

We all need comfortable chairs for our kitchen and dining. When you need to buy kitchen chairs you should go with fabric chairs. Fabric chairs are the most comfortable chairs for our kitchen and dining to go with.

Cotton is a natural upholstery material used for fabric chairs. Get your most favorite kitchen chairs for a good kitchen and dining life. And try to select chairs that come up with the best fabric material.

5. Upgrade recessed lighting

Recessed lighting is also known as can lighting, it’s the best choice if you want to spotlight your paintings or any unique objects. The key lies in the details. There are many types of rims out there but circular rims are preferable since it doesn’t give side reflection of light. Use dimmer recessed lightings in the bathroom or a dimmer can light over your sink.

6. Paint your cabinets

Usually, the paint of the cabinets come up with grease, grimes and dirt. It’s quite easy to turn them into new from outdated one. Make sure your countertops are covered.

First, take out the cabinet door fronts and drawers and rub them with sandpaper to take off the dirt. Be careful with the edges as it can damage the whole laminate. Then paint the doors and drawers with a prime. Finally, paint both the inner section and outer section with your chosen color. Acrylic paint is preferable.

7. Installing shelving system

Shelf system if done properly can enhance the beauty of the room. You can store your collection of books, artifacts, etc. Wire Shelf and Adjustable shelf system are best among the others.

Standards and Brackets need to be installed accurately to put on your things on the shelf. Mark the studs in the wall and accordingly install the standards one by one. Next, install the brackets one by one keeping a definite distance.

8. Roofing repair

Homeowners are often faced with different types of roofing problems. The most commons are roof leaks, pooled water, snow and ice damage, tree damage, etc. And we need to immediately repair these damages. When the roof faced severe damage we need to work on complete roofing replacement. If you live in NYC you may consider the best roofing contractors in Brooklyn.

9. Upgrading bathroom fixtures

Four important things should come to your mind while renovating your bathroom: Shower, sink, toilet, and tub. First comes the look. While sidewall is usual it’s not bad to apply some creativity. You can use wallpaper with your own customization. Since adding a mosaic floor in the bathroom is gonna make you pay more dollars, you can paint the floor with water-resistant color.

Then comes the quality. Water everywhere is a problem where added upgrades are of under quality. Properly sealed tile walls prevent water to seep in and keep the traction to reduce the slippery of the floor. Proper ventilation keeps the moist and bad odor out of the bathroom.

10. Add a stair runner

Oak stairs easily get outdated. There is the perfectly designed carpet that can fit in the stair. But before choosing a design it is important to determine how much middle space you want to keep in each staircase.

Before putting in the carpet, attach some underlayer that will hold the carpet and won’t slip off. Finally, staple the carpet with the stair instead of duct tape or an adhesive.