The Ultimate Guide on Gunite Pool

The Ultimate Guide on Gunite Pool

Remember the beautiful pool in that resort or 5-star hotel? Most probably, that was gunite pool. Gunite pools are known for their incredible durability and designs. If you want a pool with ultimate luxury and unconventional customizations, Gunite is the perfect building material for your backyard pool.

From what is gunite pool to why it is one of the most preferred pool choice! This article will give you all the information in detail to make a more informed decision.

So, let’s delve deeper into the ultimate gunite pool guide!

What is a Gunite Pool?

Gunite is a mixture of cement, crushed slag, sand, and water. It is made for sprayed over reinforcement as lightweight concrete for swimming pool construction. It is similar to concrete which is why it is also known as a shotcrete pool. Gunite is poured as layers, whereas concrete is applied in sections. Pool builders use compressed air guns to pour the gunite mixture. This gives greater flexibility in controlling the shape and design of the pool.

Difference: Gunite Pool vs Concrete Pool?

Let’s have a good insight into it!

Gunite Pool

Gunite is the dry mixed form of sprayed concrete. Typically, gunite mix only contains fine particles, while concrete mix contains both large and small particles.

Gunite pools use a rebar framework. This frame is sprayed with a concrete and sand mixture rather than being poured like regular cement. This process makes gunite highly durable and flexible, as it can be molded into many different shapes when it comes to in-ground pools.

Concrete Pool

Concrete is generally a mixture of water, sand, cement, and coarse aggregates of gravel or stone. The mixture is poured and then shaped into the required pool design. Concrete is poured into the pre-shaped structure to construct the pool. Concrete is considered the strongest of all pool construction materials and hence the perfect choice for a robust-looking concrete pool design.

What are the Benefits of a Gunite Pool?

Over the years, Gunite pools gathered a lot of praise and acceptability as top luxury pool material. Right from homes to hotels and villas to luxury resorts, Gunite is the first choice of everyone.

Here are the top benefits of going for Gunite Pools:

1. Increase The Value of Your Property

Building a good quality gunite pool in your backyard significantly increases the value of the property. According to studies, tenants and buyers are more likely to finalize the property if it has a good quality swimming pool. If you are considering building a pool, then go for Gunite. Smart homeowners know this very well. Gunite pool stays pristine for long, which helps you make some extra bucks while selling the property.

2. Customizable Designs

Gunite offers great flexibility in any design and pattern of the pool. That’s one of the top reasons why pool designers and contractors recommend Gunite Pools. There is no bigger luxury than being able to design your pool exactly the way you want it.

3. Greater Return on Investment

Considering all benefits of the Gunite pool, a higher return on your investments is the biggest benefit. You can sell the property for more than the market price and also gain preference over other properties.

4. Improves The Look of Your Backyard

Gunite pool will make your home look complete and enhance the overall appeal of your backyard. You can choose to add pool accessories or other water features to make your backyard even more astounding.

5. Variety Of Materials Used

With Gunite pools, you can be sure of high quality and amazing design. Gunite pool uses a variety of materials to carve your pool into that perfect design.

Gunite Pool Advantages

Let’s look at the pros and cons of Gunite pools to analyze better.

1. Built to last

Gunite pools are built to last for a long time. If you want a pool where you don’t have to worry much about wear and tear, then Gunite is the answer. With good maintenance and proper upkeep, you can keep your gunite pool looking like a new one for years.

2. Variety of Finishes

It offers great flexibility in shaping your pool into any design. You can choose from a wide range of patterns and themes to shape your pool just the way you want it.

3. Variety of Features

You can also add a lot of extra features to your Gunite Pools. The choices of accessories are limitless in this type of pool. Enjoy your pool the way you like it.

4. Versatility

If you love versatility, Gunite will be a good choice for you. You will enjoy versatility in aesthetics and feel with these pools, unlike concrete or other types of pools.

Why are Gunite Pools so Popular?

Gunite Pools are the top choice of luxury enthusiasts. It is very popular among high-end homeowners. These pools are the first choice for most pool builders and contractors when homeowners seek flexibility in design and quality of construction.

What are the Gunite Pool Maintenance Costs?

The cost of maintenance usually varies from pool to pool. It depends upon the area, size of the pool, quality, features, and others. You should seek advice from an expert pool contractor for better estimates on pool maintenance costs.

How Much to Resurface a Gunite Pool?

Gunite pool resurfacing cost depends upon the area, type of the pool, and customizations, including labor. Sometimes resurfacing may require fully replacing the surface and base of the pool. Prices can only be determined after a thorough inspection.

“Final Gunite pool resurfacing cost can only be determined after a full review.”

How Much Does A Gunite Pool Cost?

The cost of a Gunite inground pool varies. It depends upon the size of the pool required, specifications, features, accessories, and the quality of material used. Gunite pool costs start from $30,000 and can go to any amount depending on quality and design. Gunite Pools are usually more cost-effective in the long run.

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