How to Use A Winterizing Pool Kit? – Complete Information

How to Use A Winterizing Pool Kit_ – Complete Information

When the temperature takes a dip, your pool becomes more prone to algae popping up and parts not working properly. This is where the winterized pool kit comes in handy.

In this guide, we’ll review everything you need to know about prepping your pools for the cold season with the winterized pool kit.

Why Winterizing Your Pool Is Important

Winterizing is a proactive measure to safeguard your investment.

When the temperatures plummet, water can freeze, leading to potential damage to your pool’s plumbing and equipment. By taking the time to winterize, you protect against freezing, corrosion, and the growth of algae, ensuring a smooth reopening when the warmer weather arrives.

Benefits of Using Winterize Pool Kit

A Winterize Pool Kit has three key benefits:

  • Freeze Protection: The kit includes special chemicals to prevent water from freezing,  protecting it from potential ice damage.
  • Algae Prevention: With built-in algae inhibitors, the kit keeps your pool water crystal clear, avoiding the green invasion that can occur in winter.
  • Equipment Preservation: Essential pool equipment, like pumps and filters, is shielded from harsh winter elements, ensuring they stay in good working condition for the next swimming season.

How to Use Winterize Pool Kit


  • Remove, clean, and store the solar cover.
  • In soft water areas, ensure calcium hardness is at least 200 ppm.
  • Check pH levels (7.6-7.8) using pH Plus or pH Minus as needed.


  1. Vacuum and clean the pool thoroughly, removing all debris.
  2. Lower water to 150mm (6”) below the skimmer, close the valve and circulate through the main drain.
  3. Shock treat with Granular Shock for a chlorine level of 5-10 mg/l.
  4. Add winter algaecide around the pool edge (KleenPool Longlife Algaecide or Algimax Eliminator as directed).
  5. After an hour, backwash the filter, then turn it off.
  6. Remove and store the skimmer basket, drain the filter, and store its components.
  7. Disconnect and store the pump, considering indoor storage.
  8. Disconnect the heater and remove its drain plug if fitted.
  9. For below-water-level filters, insert winterizing plugs and open gate valves to drain.
  10. Drain the automatic chlorinator, remove chlorine, and flush it.
  11. Place partially submerged plastic containers in the pool and skimmer to relieve ice pressure.
  12. Fit the winter cover securely.


  • Top up algaecide if diluted due to excess rain.
  • Start checking chlorine levels in early spring when the air temperature rises above 7°C.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a Winterize Pool Kit for an above-ground pool?

Winterize Pool Kits are suitable for in-ground and above-ground pools.

How often should I check the chemical levels during winter?

Every 4-6 weeks.

Should I drain the pool before using the Winterize Pool Kit?

No, the kit is designed to be effective at appropriate water levels.

Can I use a regular pool cover instead of a winter cover?

Winter covers are recommended as they provide better insulation and protection.

When is the best time to start the winterization process?

Begin winterizing your pool when the water temperature consistently stays below 60°F (15°C).

Winterize Your Pool with Custom Pool Pros

Investing in a Winterize Pool Kit is a smart and responsible way to protect your pools. By following these simple steps, you keep your pools clean and protected even during the cold season.

For more tips on how to keep your pools in tip-top shape, reach out to us at Custom Pool Pros the best pool builders in New Jersey.