Five Common Pool Problems and How to Prevent Them

Five Common Pool Problems and How to Prevent Them

Having a pool provides many benefits to your outdoor space from relaxation to entertainment. However, with owning a pool, there is maintenance to consider along with any possible mishaps that need rectifying. Hence, the Custom Pool Pros bring you information about the most common pool problems such as green algae, leaking vinyl liner, dirty filter, high or low PH, and cloudy water.

1. Green Algae

A green pool is a common problem that results from waiting too long between cleanings. One way to prevent this issue in your pool is by balancing the pH level and keeping it at approximately 7.2 to 7.6. The solution to the algae problem involves shocking the pool. Once you apply the necessary chemicals, you can then brush off the stains and run your filtration system until the water clears up.

2. Leaking Vinyl Liner

You may notice that the water level in your pool has gone down more than .25-inches, and it doesn’t seem to be just evaporation. First, you can check the leaking to see if it has stopped at a certain level. Then, you will need to check all the pool connections and the piping to make sure they are not leaking. If they are in working order, then you need to check the liner.

Now, if the liner is the problem, you will have to consider how much time has passed since you first had the pool installed or how much time has since the last repair. While a vinyl patch kit might work on a small tear, you might need to contact a professional to find and fix the leak, thus preventing a bigger problem from occurring later in the season.

3. Dirty Filter

The filter is one important thing that needs regular check-ups, maintenance, and cleaning. This is because dust, leaves, and even an accumulation of sunscreen might clog it, thus preventing it from running efficiently. Luckily, the fix is not complicated. All you need to do is to rinse it off with a water hose until all the dirt is gone. Plus, you can use a product that “degreases” the filter. Or you may have to replace it if cleaning it doesn’t help.

4. High or Low pH

Safe pH level for swimming pool water is 7.2-7.6. Below or above ph level can create complex pool problems with worrisome effects like eye and skin irritation. Hence, a pH that’s either too low or too high requires immediate attention. The ph level is determined by using the testing strips and applying the necessary chemicals to bring the water back to the proper level.

In order to balance the pH you need to use pool chemicals.

5. Cloudy Water

Perhaps your pool does not look green, but does it look rather cloudy? This can result from a few distinct pool problems affecting the water’s clarity and cleanliness. First off, the cause might be bacteria due to low levels of chemicals in the pool. At the same time, it is equally important to note that overdoing the chemicals can also make your pool look cloudy. Either way, you will need to adjust the chlorine level to clear it up.

The other cause is debris especially if your pool is located somewhere near a tree that drops leaves periodically. This can be prevented by putting a screen over it. You may also check your filter to make sure it does not need to be cleaned or replaced.

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In the end, now you have a better understanding of some common pool problems and their solutions, plus some preventative measures. Have you still have questions or would like a professional pool contractor to resolve issues with your filtration system, green algae, or maintain the proper chemical levels, you can contact experts at Custom Pool Pros. We have over two decades of experience in pool services.